Top quality VW camper van upholstery in Worthing, Sussex

If you own a VW camper and you’re thinking of re-vamping the interior, protecting the furnishings, or perhaps wanting to improve your comfort when sleeping, then we can help you; wherever you are throughout West Sussex. We have vast experience with a whole host of classic campers and can help with all your interior camper van restorations:

Mattress covers and upholstery
Door panels and dash board re-covering
Modern and vintage interior camper van restoration design

Interior camper van restoration

Are you looking to re-style your VW camper in a modern way? Maybe you are in the end stages of restoring your classic VW camper and are looking for experienced professionals to help you with authentic camper van interior design. Coastal Cushion Co in Worthing, West Sussex, will work with you to ensure your classic vehicle or camper van’s interior keeps the integrity and the value of your classic motor home or caravan.

Coastal Cushion Co, creating stylish and modern caravan interiors in Worthing


Unit 3B Southdownview Way
West Sussex
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